G.Y.M. provides you with the support you need to succeed.


Life is busy, so I like to focus on providing balance, accountability and consistency while helping you achieve your goals. 

When I first got into fitness as a personal trainer, I started out at a small boutique style gym here in Ottawa. My mindset when I decided to become a personal trainer was to train athletes. Hockey players in particular. The studio was mainly for Group fitness classes but also provided training programs for athletes. Over my 5 years of working in a fitness studio facility, my mindset started to shift from athletic training to working with people who were just getting started with fitness.

When I decided to go on my own and start my own business, I found the most joy when  working with clients who are looking to get into fitness and clients who are looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle by incorporating fitness into their everyday life . I have found success when training individuals one on one and partner training. With partner training, there is an element of motivation that each client provides to each other. Working with partners I have found that it not only encourages being healthy, but also adds another element to the relationship where people share a common goal and can share a hobby together.

 My goal when working with clients is to help people get moving and help them stay active.  I enjoy working with busy people and the challenge of helping them maintain a healthy lifestyle.


When working together we make sure that YOU are the focus.

I help you build consistency in your training and help create healthy habits through coaching and accountability. Once we’re working together we’ll sit down and chat about where you are and where you want to be. We will come up with a plan that works for you and suits your lifestyle.

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